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West Pines United Futbol Club is known for its commitment to excellence, strong history of player development and national recognition as a club for champions. Pride, Leadership, Confidence, Responsibility, Commitment and Respect are all attributes that define West Pines United Futbol Club. The club guidelines are set forth to reinforce these personal attributes for coaches, parents and players.

West Pines United Futbol Club (FC) is a year-round, elite youth, travel soccer program whose mission is to develop, train, organize and compete against the best local, regional and national level competition. In doing so, the club aims to develop individual and team skills while stressing sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play in a safe environment. The club’s focus is executing a program that tracks player development, coaching staff and teams in order to develop players whose skills improve season-to-season while developing a passion for the game.

  • Players must arrive at the field at least ten minutes prior to practice time and players should walk directly to their TEAM ZONE that will be assigned by each coach.
  • The coach should be notified in advance if a player is expected to arrive late, or if a player has to leave practice early.
  • If a player is unable to attend a practice the coach should be notified in advance of the scheduled practice time to arrange the structure of the practice accordingly with the number of players.
  • Players must practice in the West Pines approved NEW practice uniform (PRACTICE SHIRT AND BLACK SHORTS) and must wear the proper equipment, LONG SOCKS to allow shin-guards to stay in place. If a player does not bring the safety equipment (Shin-Guards), the player will not be allowed to train.
  • IMPORTANT: The staff members (Assistant and team coordinator) are here to help the HEAD COACH, all decisions will be made by the head coach, so any concerns / questions or complaints, go straight to the Head Coach, all staff members should be respected as if they were the Head Coach. No disrespectful behavior from parents will be allowed. Refer to code of Ethics.
In Case of Emergency, PLEASE do not enter the field, parents must call the Team Manager or Assistant Coach and the Team Manager or Assistant Coach will make sure the coach is informed about the situation and the coach will approach the sideline if necessary. Remember please always use common sense and depending on the situation, call 911.
If a player would like to meet with the coach the procedure is the following:
  • before practice start, the player can request the coach for a meeting after practice, this meeting can take place on the coaches side one on one with the player only.
If a Parent would like to meet with the coach the procedure is the following: 
  • an appointment must be made for the meeting to take place at the Trailer Building. The parent should communicate to the Team Coordinator or the coach by email about this meeting with some time in advance so the Trailer Building will be reserved for such a meeting.
A third party should always be involved during meetings 
Each player/parent electronically signed the WPU Code of Ethics & WPU Parent and Players Code of Conduct upon registering and agreed to abide by these rules. By signing, each player and parent agrees to act in a respectful manner at all activities; practices, games, travel, etc., and serve as role models to others to maintain the integrity of ourselves, our team, and all of WPU. WPU is an FYSA affiliated organization and its players and parents will conduct themselves in accordance with and be governed by WPU, FYSA, policies and rules at all times. Parents and players must be familiar with the rules, as WPU, FYSA and the leagues are very strict about adherence. Foul or abusive language, entering the field of play, or touching a referee will result in spectator ejection. Positive cheering and support is highly recommended and appreciated.
WPU reserves the right to sanction and discipline any person who violates these principles.
Do NOT physically confront officials, curse at, or abuse them verbally, or interfere or impede them either during or after the game. This is just not acceptable and may result in sanctions against those who cannot keep themselves under control. Parents and spectators should know that they are setting an example for the players, no matter their age.
West Pines United FC will take actions if any person violates these rules with suspensions, monetary fines and possible dismissal from the club .
  • Notify any absences & tardiness on time to both Coach and team manager
  • Quickly respond when collecting funds for Tournaments, expenses, etc…
  • Everyone pay for tournaments fees whether player is going or not (TEAM)
  • A player who do not participate on a team fundraising, the player will be excluded from the amount collected.
  • Any payments deadlines must be paid in full by giving deadlines. Meetings are to discuss team concerns, everyone should participate, if the coach asks you for any ideas please feel free to speak out to put into discussion, punctuality is a most.
  • PLEASE no one writes in the WhatsApp Group, the group chat is only to be used by the coach or manager as information only, no replies, do not ask questions in the group chat and please DO NOT send pictures of any kind without permission. For questions
  • Reply to the coach or manager in a private chat.
  • Please DO NOT walk onto the field to talk to the coach, there is a protocol to do this let’s follow it. (make an appointment with the manager)
  • BEFORE < DURING < AFTER games no parents are allowed to cross the field for no reason whatsoever, please stay on the parents side until the boys are done with their game and they will walk out of the field.
  • AFTER GAMES (24 Hours RULE): if you are upset or didn’t like something about the game or even if you are not upset but need to talk to the coach, all parents need to wait 24 hours after the game to discuss anything with the coach.
  • NO ALCOHOL BEVERAGES are allowed in any West Pines Park nor in any public parks where kids are around.
  • NO COACHING ON THE SIDE LINES, players need to follow their coaches instructions only, you as a parents should sit down, encourage the team and enjoy the game. No directions.
The Field Director will be notified by the City in the event that the fields are closed due to weather conditions. Sometimes, the City will notify the Club just a few hours before any practice and the field director will notify coaches and team managers for that reason you will need to keep checking your email for any updates. The website is not updated until after 4pm or as soon as the City advises us of field closures. The City has a couple of HARD and fast rules that we all have to understand.
  • When the lightning alarm goes off, the fields have to be vacated immediately. You should go to your vehicles and wait for the “all clear” to sound 3 times.
  • Practices are never canceled unless your coach/Club sends an email / text/ WhatsApp message to inform otherwise, NOTE: if while practice is on, the weather is bad, and the alarm sounds, every parent & players needs to pick up their belongings and go inside your cars until the alarm sounds again 3 times. (MANDATORY)  
This could take up to 20 minutes, if there are no more lightning strikes in the area. Whomever is on duty for the City, they have no control over this device and has NO option but to enforce the City’s rule for clearing the fields. It is a city rule, there are NO exceptions. There have been several incidents in the past where lightning has struck and most recently it did happen in Silver Lakes Park. Lightning is a serious event and it should be taken seriously.

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