West Pines United FC Girls Program


The West Pines United Futbol Club (WPU), offers a year-round competitive soccer environment for girls  8–19 years of age who are interested in taking their game to a higher level. The club’s main focus is on individual player development within the framework of team building. Comprised of Advanced, Competitive and Academy teams, WPU provides top-level training and coaching in all phases of the game. 

If you are serious about your future in soccer and would like to take your game to the next level, then being a member of the West Pines United Futbol Club is where you want to be.



2024-2025 WPU Girls Coaching List

DOC: Mario Pedraza

Girls U9 (2016-2017)

Elite: Jordyn Pittler

Girls U10 (2015)

Elite: Sara Mira

Girls U11 (2014)

Elite: Mario Pedraza

Girls U12 (2013)

Elite: Patrick Chin

Girls U13 (2012)

Elite: Patrick Chin

Girls U14 (2011)

Elite: Mario Pedraza

Girls U15 (2010)

Elite: Mario Garcia

Girls U16 (2009)

Elite: Mario Garcia

Girls U17 (2008)

Elite: TBA

Girls U18 (2007)

Elite: Mario Pedraza

Girls U19 (2006)

Elite: Mario Pedraza

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