Congratulations Bejarano’s U12 Boys for taking home Silver!

U10 Black are Disney’s 9v9 Gold Division Champions
May 30, 2017
U11 Piccione – Semi-Finalists at the Disney Memorial Day Shootout
June 13, 2017

Team Bejarano ended their Magical Season at Disney’s Memorial Day Shootout as Finalists. This season, the boys are very appreciative for all of: Coach Bejarano’s guidance on and off the field, Assistant Coach Cabrera’s commitment and positive energy and the parents’ dedication and support. This all lead the team to an amazing season full of great accomplishments.

As we are sad to see the season end, we know great things lie ahead for each of us. Coach Bejarano has given everyone a great base to grow and improve on to ensure success both personally and as sports enthusiasts. On a final note, it needs to be said “Let’s go West Pines, let’s go…Let’s go West Pines, let’s go…Let’s go West Pines, let’s go…Yellow, Yellow, Yelloooowww!!!”