Bracket Summary

Terminology of Division, Flights, Groups & Brackets

Flights:  Within a division, there are Flights based on competitive levels.  For example, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Groups:  Within a Flight, based on the number of teams and the length of the tournament, determines how many teams are in a Group.

Brackets:  Based on the Group, teams are placed in Brackets.  For example, a Group of 8 Teams will have two Brackets (A and B), each with 4 teams.

Boys and Girls Kickoff Classic

Summary of Groups

Group of Three Teams:  All three (3) teams will play each other playing two (2) games in group play.  Following group play the teams will go into a “playoff” format, where 2nd place vs 3rd place (semi-final) and 1st place vs winner of 2nd/3rd (final).

 Group of Four Teams:  Played as a single bracket of four teams in a round-robin format, with the top two teams accumulating the most points advancing to the final.

 Group of Five Teams:  Played as a single bracket of five (5) teams, with teams playing two group games, after the two games teams are seeded for playoffs. The quarterfinal match will play Seed #4 vs Seed #5. The winner of the quarterfinal will play the semifinals versus Seed #1. Seed #2 vs Seed #3 in the other semifinal. The winner of semifinal #1 vs winner of semifinal #2 advance to the finals.

 Group of Six Teams: Played as two brackets of three teams.  Each team will cross over and play the three teams in the other bracket.  The two teams accumulating the most points from all six teams will advance to the finals to determine which team is the champion (Wildcard 1 vs Wildcard 2).  It is possible that the finalists could have played each other already.

 Group of Seven Teams: Played as a single bracket of seven teams with all teams playing a total of four matches.  Note, teams will not play all other teams in the bracket. The team accumulating the most points will be the Champion. The team accumulating the second most points will be the Finalist.

 Group of Eight Teams: Played as two brackets of four. The winner of each bracket in round-robin play will advance to the final to determine the Champion and Finalist.

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