West Pines United College Placement Program



WPUFC has been fortunate to have numerous players go on to play at the collegiate level.  Most have played at the NCAA Division II level, with some at the NCAA Division I level. I’ve always felt that a graduate who is able to continue their athletic career in college shows that West Pines has prepared them both mentally and athletically. Our athletic alumni are a source of pride for our entire soccer community.
The success of this process also depends upon realistic evaluations of your ability, both in the classroom and in the sports arena. Please use this information to help further your athletic opportunities beyond high school. There are many people to assist you along the way. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

Important Websites:

NCAA Men's Soccer Institutions :

NCAA Eligibility Center:

NCAA Women's Soccer Institutions :

The Do's and Dont's of College Recruiting

The Do's

  • Know Your Recruiting Rules
  • Research Your School
  • Narrow Down Your List
  • Keep Your Grades above 2.5
  • Introduce Yourself not mom/dad
  • Record Your Games
  • Have 3 Positive References

The Dont's

  • Set your heart to one school
  • Contact the same coach every day
  • Be under attentive with the coach
  • Send a template email
  • Send old footage over a yr old
  • Wait to take your SAT or ACT
  • Wait to bring up your grades