2017-2018 Season Information

WPU U11 Girls Ayum Thumps Sunrise Sting to Win Sting Cup!
May 24, 2017
WPU U11 Boys Piccione – Undefeated CHAMPIONS of the Sunrise Sting Cup!
May 30, 2017
1. REGISTRATION: Visit the WPU website (www.westpinesunited.org) and register the player once you have received the invitation from the coach. During the registration process you will be offered several payment plans to choose from. Once you have completed registering your player, it is time to order your uniforms.

2. UNIFORMS: All Players must purchase either the field or goalie uniform package using the link to “SQUADRA” website on the WPU website homepage under “Get Your Club Gear Now”.

You must have your uniform number prior to purchasing your player uniform. Players numbers will be assigned by the club during tryouts. If you are not sure about your player number, please contact the registrar at Registrar@westpinesunited.org. Sample uniforms will be available at the office.

U8 to U12 Development stage (Priority is Development over Winning)
U11 to U18 Premier Teams ( 2nd 3rd + teams competing at their level)
U11 to U18 Elite Teams (Top teams, Highest level of competition)


U8 Season Program


U9 and U10 Season Program


U11 and U12 Season Program


U13 thru U18 Season Program


Are you interested in earning your Black and Yellow stripes? Please take a look at our tentative season program for all age groups and divisions. #WestPinesUnitedFC